Evictions contributing to trash delays in the Chattahoochee valley

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 12:30 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - City officials say that an increase in evictions may also be contributing to trash delays, and with a federal moratorium on evictions ending soon the problem may only get worse.

Columbus resident Linda Manuel is one of the many residents noticing the trash piling up in her neighborhood.

“Sometimes we would set our trash out by the side of the road and it would be delayed by not necessarily a few hours but sometimes a day or two,” said Manuel.

Karastyn Bibb says it normally takes “at least a week or so” before the trash at her apartment complex is actually picked up.

As for the cause, Columbus City Councilwoman Toiya Tucker says an increase in evictions is behind the delay.

“Currently in June we had...and not just in District 4 but citywide we had 69 evictions,” said Tucker.

And everytime there’s an eviction the yard waste piles up.

“It takes a crew days to actually get that yard waste up,” said Tucker.

And with the CDC federal eviction moratorium coming to an end, Tuckers say we will start to see an uptick in evictions.

To fix the issue, Tucker says city councilors are meeting with the Sheriff and real estate professionals.

”And we were working on a process meaning getting the Board of Realtors involved to see how we could be proactive that way when this trash is put won’t stay there,” explained Tucker.

The City of Columbus has hired an outside company to help with trash and waste pick-ups.

As far as evictions are concerned, contact 211 if you’re in need of rental assistance.

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