Residents react to several fires at Columbus apartment complex

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 12:08 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Dozens of people are displaced after a series of fires at a Columbus apartment complex.

Twenty units at the Patriot Place Apartments more commonly known by it’s former name, Willow Creek Apartments were impacted by fire over the last several days.

This is the third fire to take at this apartment complex and Columbus Fire Chief John Shull confirms these fires were all in the same building. The first fire happened last Wednesday, with another early Saturday morning and another Sunday.

21-year-old Tatyana Morris and her family lost everything in the residence at Patriot Place apartments fires for the second time.

“Oh my God like I just went through this three months ago,” Morris said. “It’s hurting me mentally really because I don’t know where should I go next.”

She says she feels like she is continuously reliving a nightmare.

Other displaced families say they feel the same way. Including a man who says he moved to this apartment complexes to find peace of mind.

“I come out here and I lose everything,” the man said.

Red Cross spokeswoman Adelaide Kirk says the Red Cross had a busy weekend as they were on the front lines of the fire assisting families with emergency needs.

“Over the course of 24 hours give or take a little we’ve assisted almost 50 families,” explained Kirk.

The Red Cross is an organization that shows up to the scene of any fire or natural disaster to offer help to people. Kirkland says the Red Cross gives people financial support for the first few days and works to connect them with organizations and non-profits that can assist them in the long term.

“Connecting them with people who have clothing, it could be folks that can give them discounted, if they need to replace furniture, it could be we have mental health services through the Red Cross,” said Kirk.

People like Jayla King say they are very grateful for the help they received, but they say they are still overwhelmed.

“I’m only 19 years old and I have to replace everything,” said King.

The cause of all three fires are still under investigation

Fire Chief John Shull says no residents were injured, but one of his firefighters did suffer from a severe burn, but he is expected to make a recovery.

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