WTVM Editorial 7/20/21: Cubans Deserve Freedom

WTVM Editorial 7/20/21: Cubans Deserve Freedom
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 2:41 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The owner of How Sweet it is Cake Studio, a bakery in Columbus, is also a second generation Cuban American, born in this country after her mother fled Cuba in the 1960s.

Chari Valdes-Pitts recently sat down with our anchor Ben Stanfield to express her concerns for the lives of Cubans protesting against Communism, something every American can support. Chari is adamant about why Cubans are risking prison or death to protest in the streets. She says they aren’t chanting for food or medicine; they are chanting for freedom.

Unfortunately, by sharing her knowledge of the protests, a man was inspired to visit her bakery. Not in support, but to rant at her and suggest she go back to Cuba.

Afterward, she took to Facebook to post about her emotional reaction to the man questioning her citizenship. Chari’s reaction to the harsh encounter she had, came from her heart. The man exercised his right to free speech, but he upset her.

So she exercised her right of free speech right back – condemning his anger and his decision to personalize his politics by attacking Chari’s patriotism.

It’s fitting that Chari took to social media, considering Cuba has shut down the internet and all social media in that country in an attempt to ban all freedom of expression.

In Cuba, the people have no real voice and no real choice.

Cuban Americans like Chari do us all a service to help explain the deep desire Cubans have to be free of the Marxism and Communism that has brought them food shortages, poverty wages and crumbling homes. Cubans drive 60-year-old cars and generally endure lives of deprivation. That’s what is so exceptional about America and Cuban Americans like Chari Valdes-Pitts, who owns her own business.

Americans can work hard and prosper, knowing our freedoms come from God and the people, not the government.

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