Cataula residents forced to move out trailer park, owner says it’s too costly to run

Published: Jul. 24, 2021 at 3:27 PM EDT
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HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - Residents from a Harris County trailer park say they are being forced to pack up and move out. Their landlord cited several reasons why in a letter sent out that not everyone says they received.

Owner Terry Avery said the reason for shutting down the trailer park is because it costs too much to run the place. Many resident said they’ve been at the trailer park their whole lives their whole lives.

“You ain’t done nothing but screwed us all over here at the trailer hood,” said Wanda McClendon.

Acres of Shade Mobile Home Park residents have to move out by October 11, according to a letter from owner Terry Avery.

The reason given is due to repairs being too costly to keep up with and, according to Avery, being tired of dealing with government regulations to keep up the park.

“And we’re on low fixed income and our trailers are too old. They’re older than 10 years old, we cant move them, they would fall apart if they did and we’ve sunk our money into our homes” said Mary Dunn.

“So, essentially if we can’t come up with a solution to help them, these people are going to be forced out of their homes without any compensations or without any ability to recover their own property,” added Richard Flowers, lawyer.

And part of the problem is that some of the residents say they own the lot their mobile homes are on.

“We do have four families in here who own their lots and they’re being booted out as well. How can he do that?,” Bonnie Ferguson expressed.

“And a lot of us in here have already asked Mr. Avery about buying our lots, but he does not want to work with nobody in the trailer court. He is just tired of it and wants to get rid of it,” said Troy Haden.

News Leader 9 reached out to Terry Avery to hear his side of things. He declined to comment on camera, but texted in part, “Any info needed has been listed on the notice.”

“He won’t return any calls, he won’t answer his phone. I haven’t done the certified letter to send to him but I’m going to,” said Keisha Richburg.

“So, there’s many, many issues that are involved in this thing and it’s really kind of premature to be more specific in to what can or will happen.”)

The letter Avery sent to residents says in part “The park’s infrastructure is over 55 years old and needs numerous repairs to include all the underground utilities and roads.”

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