Chattahoochee Co. School District requires face masks for upcoming year

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 6:53 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - To mask or not to mask is a decision that many school districts are making right now, and Chattahoochee County schools are no different.

Parents spoke to News Leader 9 and shared their opinions on Chattahoochee County Schools now requiring masks when staff and students head back into the classrooms.

Just weeks from starting the school year, parents in Chattahoochee County are adjusting to the news of their children having to wear face coverings while at school for a second year in a row.

“My kids we made it through last year, we will make it through this year…,” said parent, Amanda Williamson.

Another parent, Claudia Adams, agreed that the masks didn’t change much.

“My kids are good either way, with a mask or without one,” added Adams.

Kenyada Heard, Chattahoochee County Education Center Principal explained the importance of the requirement.

“We were very disappointed with the recommendation however we know it is necessary for our students to return in a safe environment,” said Heard.

Faculty says while there hasn’t been a huge spike in hyper-local COVID cases, the decision for all grades K-12 to wear face coverings comes more as a precautionary measure to ensure in-person learning can still happen.

However, there are still some measures to be worked out.

“The more populated areas like the cafeteria, we really can make some adjustments there to spread the kids out more,” said Chattahoochee High School Principal, Josh Kemp.

The decision means that all grades will have to keep those masks on when riding on school busses too. But according to faculty, mask breaks are given when kids can be socially distanced, like at recess.

Amanda Williamson is the mother of 3 students within Chattahoochee County Schools. She says, no matter what her personal views are, she just wants what is best for the children.

“As a parent you’re always going to do what is best for your kid, no matter what you want,” said Williamson.

The school board will re-evaluate the decision as needed.

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