Eufaula school board votes students will not be required to wear masks indoors

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 11:00 PM EDT
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EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVM) - Students in Eufaula are heading back to the classrooms in less than a week. The Eufaula city school board recently voted on the rules when it comes to wearing masks on campus.

In Eufaula, students will not be required to wear masks inside the school building, although it’s strongly recommended. However, there is one place where they will be required to wear masks.

Chante Smith is a teacher and a mom in Eufaula.

“I do feel that the mask are a good idea, a good recommendation, they are a good safety measure for our kids,” said Smith.

Two of Smith’s children will be returning to school in the fall and she says as a parent she is a little nervous.

“This virus changes. One day it’s something and the next day it’s something different,” said Smith.

Smith says her 4th grade son is a little nervous about going back to school because of COVID, but she is teaching him ways to keep himself safe.

“So we talk a lot about wearing masks, he’s going to have hand sanitizer and he is going to wash his hands often,” explained Smith.

Eufaula City Schools superintendent, Joey Brannan, says masks will be strongly suggested but not required except for on school busses.

“The board just decided to leave that option up to the parents,” said Brannan.

Brannan says, however, they will be monitoring COVID cases in the area and if it becomes a problem they will make the necessary changes.

“If we see we are starting to have some issues in our schools and the numbers are rising then we can always move to requiring them,” said Brannan.

Brannan says while they are bringing back school field trips and other activities like band performances, they will continue to maintain the same COVID protocols from last year like wiping down equipment, social distancing and taking more buses to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I think we learned a lot of things last year going through the protocols we put in place,” said Brannan.

Teachers and Eufaula city school board officials say they are excited to bring students back, but that safety is their top priority.

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