Barbour Co. experiencing worker shortage

Published: Aug. 6, 2021 at 9:36 AM EDT
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EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVM) - Like many places all over the country, Barbour County, Alabama is experiencing a significant worker shortage.

Current employees are having to pick up the slack because so many businesses are short staffed because of the pandemic.

Canton Paige manages a local Pizza shop called Grafitti’s Pizza Joint in Eufaula.

He says because of the worker shortage his employees are working double to make sure the business stays up and running.

“Due to how everythings going on, the pandemic it’s been rough for employees,” said Paige.

The Director of Economic Development for Barbour county and Eufaula, Philip Clayton, says there are more than 1200 available jobs in the county.

“Anybody who wants a job can get a job,” said Clayton.

One woman who recently moved to Eufaula and is looking for work. She says the search process is much easier than before because of all the job openings.

“A lot of people are hiring right about now, the hiring industry is up. Better than it used to be,” said one woman.

Clayton says the county began to see this shortage when mask mandates were lifted and COVID began to slow down. Because of the severe worker shortage, many employers are deciding whether to offer more pay to entice and keep staff.

“We are hearing from industries and businesses higher wages and other incentives,” said Clayton.

“Our boss has increased our pay due to our hard work and dedication,” said Paige.

Paige at Graffitti’s pizza says he appreciates the extra pay but says how he’s treated by his employer is even more important.

“If you appreciate your employees more they will do more for you,” explained Paige.

Director of Economic Development for Eufaula Barbour County chamber of commerce Philip Clayton is urging people to come back into the work for and apply for those available jobs.

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