Pre-k through second grade students return to Muscogee County schools

Published: Aug. 6, 2021 at 9:32 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Hallways at Muscogee County schools were full once again as pre-K through second grade students had their first day back today. Though a confusing transition for some parents, others say their kids still had a good day.

Jalyssa Greene, a Rigdon Road Elementary School student, is excited about the school year. “I really hope this is a great school year.”

Though slightly concerned about the COVID guidelines in place, Jalyssa’s mom says her daughter has a few extra things to make sure she’s safe in school.

“She has sanitizer and masks. I’m going to trust the school system as far as keeping her safe while she’s here,” said Jasheeda Greene.

“Very confusing. I wasn’t prepared to have to make an appointment and I couldn’t get the online registration done because I didn’t have an online ID. I haven’t done the online portal in so long that I was lost with that,” said Jasheeda Greene.

Because of that, she says her daughter missed her first day back.

“We’re going to return home. I’m going to use the new online ID, get her registered online, and make an appointment and come back,” said Jasheeda Greene.

She’s not alone. With issues registering their children online, plenty of other Muscogee County parents are still signing their kids up for school.

“Then, you also have to verify that you live where you are living. There are documents to prove this that all have to be filled out while at your students school,” Jennifer Saxton with Student Services for Muscogee County Schools.

Although students like Jalyssa may have missed their first day because of the registration delay, she says she’s ready to go back on Monday.

“I just want to be at school everyday for some reason, but I hate when she wakes me up in the middle of the morning,” said Jalyssa Greene.

Parents having trouble with the registration process can make an appointment at the district building where they will receive help.

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