First day back-to-school challenges in Muscogee county

Published: Aug. 9, 2021 at 11:26 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The last and largest group of Muscogee County School Students made their way back to class for the first day of school.

Pre-k through second grade started Friday. Today was the first day for students in third grade and up.

Some parents and school officials say the first day of school for third to 12th graders got off to a rocky start this morning.

Candice Willis is the mother of three school aged children who attend three different schools, and she says the first day back to school has been a little challenging for her...

“Then with them all being in three different schools, it’s been hectic,” said Willis.

Willis says her work keeps her pretty busy and that made it hard for her to register her, elementary, middle schooler and high school kid, she says registering late is real a headache.

“You have to make sure everything is matching up, if you’re using the same address or if you are, if not you still have to register and then after you register you have to make sure their immunizations is straight,” said Willis.

Another mom, Jerrisha Nance, who’s children were already registered for school says this morning was also a little hectic as well.

“It was kind of a hassle because the lines was long,” said Nance.

Parents weren’t the only ones experiencing first day back to school challenges.

Director of Muscogee County School Bus Transportation, Herbert Hill says the bus routes also experienced some issues.

“As a result of an accident we had some busses that were delayed due to traffic, we had students getting on the wrong busses so we had to take them to their right schools,” said Hill.

Hill says the first day back to school bloopers helped them to see where they can make improvements.

“All in all it was an okay day for the start of the morning, but we are looking forward to making it better.” said Hill.

Although, there were a few issues this morning, most students were still able to make it to their first day of school without any major challenges.

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