Mobile health unit in Sumter Co. administers monoclonal antibody infusions that reduce COVID symptoms

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 10:52 PM EDT
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SUMTER COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - A local hospital is using a mobile unit to treat COVID patients with a medical infusion.

Today is the second day the Phoebe Mobile Health Clinic has been administering these infusions.

The infusions are called monoclonal antibody infusions and Nurse Manager of Surgical Services, Jeanie Giles, says just in the last 24 hours they have seen great results.

People suffering in the early less severe stages of COVID are getting monoclonal infusions inside the Phoebe Mobile Health Clinic, to reduce their chances of being hospitalized.

“It’s the only treatment we have that seems to work to avoid admissions for patients,” said Giles.

Giles says the infusions consist of two medications called REGEN-COV . the medication is infused into the veins and is proven to fight off the virus.

“We are seeing great results, we are hearing patients say they feel better within 24 hours,” said Giles.

Giles says when a patient arrives to the mobile unit they have to pass a six minute walking test and have a referral from a doctor.

“The process can take up to three to four hours,” explained Giles.

Hospital CEO, Brandi Luneborg says this service is usually done in the hospital, but because they didn’t have any bed space they needed the mobile unit to accommodate their COVID patients.

“We had so many patients waiting for admission, that we had no where to do the service,” said Luneborg.

Luneborg says this past weekend the number of people needing medical treatment or admission due to COVID skyrocketed.

“Our COVID census has gone from two patients three or four weeks ago to 21 patients over the weekend,” explained Luneborg.

Luneborg says without the mobile clinic they would not have been able to give these infusions to patients at high risk of being hospitalized for COVID.

“We wanted patients to not get admitted and this is the only thing we have to do that,” said Luneborg.

Officials at the hospital say the mobile units have infused about 15 patients within the last two days and that they are still have no open bed spaces. They are not sure at this point how long they will keep the mobile unit around.

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