‘Shutting down’s not an option right now’: COVID cases rising in Troup Co. Schools

‘Shutting down’s not an option right now’: COVID cases rising in Troup Co. Schools
‘Shutting down’s not an option right now’: COVID cases rising in Troup Co. Schools(Source: WTVM)
Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 8:48 PM EDT
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LAGRANGE, Ga. (WTVM) - Although 16 staff and 40 students within the Troup County School district tested positive for COVID-19, Troup County Schools are open and officials say shutting down is not an option.

Because schools like Long Cane Elementary stayed open throughout the start of the pandemic last year, officials say they’re used to seeing COVID numbers at the level they’re at now.

Students at Long Cane Elementary School are already well into their first week of school.

“Kids have been very compliant. I’ve been in nine schools already now 10, in the last couple of days and kids are wearing the mask and happy to be back,” said Troup County Superintendent, Brian Shumate.

While students are following the district’s COVID-19 guidelines, which include wearing masks, temperature checks and sanitizing their hands as they get on and off busses, there is still concern about their safety at school.

“I want everybody to be safe because the virus that’s out now is more dangerous than the first one and the kids don’t stand a chance,” said Texanne McCamey, who has grandchildren that attend Callaway Schools.

As of Tuesday, 16 staff and 40 students in Troup County’s School district tested positive for COVID-19. But with a game plan in place from last year, Superintendent Shumate is fine with schools staying open.

“We’re very very well versed in how to handle positive cases and quarantining and all the safety protocols. So we’re pretty much doing everything like we did last year and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines,” said Shumate.

“I want our parents and community to know that we have fabulous protocols in place. We have not had a huge outbreak at all due to those protocols,” said Long Cane Elementary School’s Principal Katie Brown.

And while other schools shut down immediately after a similar amount of students got COVID-19, Superintendent Shumate says that will not happen for Troup County Schools.

“Shutting down’s not an option right now. Really the biggest issue is staffing. If we can keep staff in the building and have classes, we will continue to push forward with that model,” said Shumate.

Another safety measure in place at Longcane Elementary is that parents are not allowed into the building at all right now.

A decision that might change that will be made after Labor Day.

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