Smiths Station grandparents outraged over no mask requirements at Lee County Schools

(Source: WTVM)
Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 10:30 PM EDT
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SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WTVM) - A couple of grandparents, whose grandchildren attend a Smiths Station elementary school, say they are outraged about the no mask policy. Lee County Schools are not requiring students or teachers to wear masks.

“As parents and grandparents, we are always trying to keep our kids safe and away from danger, but I am leading them right to the danger,” said Sheena Ard.

Ard has two grandsons who live with her full time and attend West Smith Station Elementary School. She says, every day, she drops her grandsons off at school she is putting them in harms way.

“I actually cry a couple of times during the day,” said Ard.

Ard’s youngest grandchild suffers from asthma and after taking a tour of the school, she didn’t see many students wearing their masks. “Probably out of about 20 students, I only counted about four masks.”

She is not the only grandmother upset about the policy to not require masks be worn in class.

Another grandparent, who didn’t want to be identified, has three grandchildren attending West Smiths Station Elementary. She says not requiring masks is dangerous for the children’s family members.

“It’s not just affecting our children. It’s affecting everyone you come in contact with,” she expressed.

Although her grandchildren do not have any medical issues, this grandmother says she has asthma and their great grandparents also have health problems.

“That’s why we need to protect our kids, protect our adults, and protect the elderly,” she said.

Sheena Ard and the other grandmother say they are calling on Lee County school officials to require masks so that children and families will be safe.

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