RUN THE RACE: Columbus Lions MVP QB Learns from Losing Arena Football Championship

RUN THE RACE: Columbus Lions MVP QB Learns from Losing Arena Football Championship
Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 4:55 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - 2021 National Arena League MVP Mason Espinosa is still processing his Columbus Lions’ heartbreaking loss in the championship game last weekend.

He joined us on our “Run The Race” podcast to talk about how he got started in football and his move to coaching, while also loving being in a QB in West Georgia. Though the latest result hurts, he said there are lessons from losing - in sports and life.

“Losing is kind of the great teacher. It shows you your weaknesses, it shows you your flaws, shows you where you can improve, kind of forces humility upon you. You’re going to go either one of two ways – you’re either going to take it as an ego hit, kind of fold up shop and go home and never try to attain that success again, or you’re going to take a step back, you’re going to have a little humble pie and realize, “Okay, where did we go wrong? What’s my role in this, what’s my ownership in this? What can I improve? And the next time this comes about, how can I change it and make it better?,” Espinosa told us.

The quarterback also gave us his weekly routine to stay fit, but he hates running. He also says his identity is as a follower of Jesus Christ, and not in football - which his something he does. And he says that faith help take the pressure off him, on the field.

This Columbus Lions star talks on the podcast about being back on the field in front of fans, after COVID-19 canceled last season, and then winning league MVP with some eye-popping stats like 50+ touchdowns and only 2 interceptions.

Following in the footsteps of his college football linebacker dad, Espinosa started playing football in TN at age 6, eventually going on to Division III football, starting 40 games at QB for Ohio-Wesleyan and owning 17 records at the school. He also tells the story about how NFL draft day went down and his brief stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers, not giving up on his shot for the NFL.

Football also gives him a platform to talk about faith in God and pursue other opportunities in the sport. Right after the NAL championship game, he started a new job as Wooster High School (OH) football team’s offensive coordinator, after being an assistant coach at a few universities over the last 7 years.

Being a football player connected to a community is important to him. Espinosa said he loves Columbus GA which he now calls “home.” There’s no definitive answer on if he’ll be back with the Columbus Lions next season to purse a championship.

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