Columbus woman dies after protecting her niece during shooting

44-year-old Andrea Ellis was shot over the weekend at an event where her family says she was...
44-year-old Andrea Ellis was shot over the weekend at an event where her family says she was volunteering.(Source: Marquitta Robinson)
Published: Aug. 26, 2021 at 12:33 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus woman died at the hospital Wednesday morning after being shot at an event where she was volunteering at Carver Park this past weekend. The victim’s three-year-old niece was also among the three people shot at that event.

“I believe she’s up there with our mom so she’s not alone. I know she’s not afraid cuz like I said she was a fighter and she was strong,” said Marquitta Robinson, the victim’s sister.

44-year-Andrea Ellis was the oldest of five siblings. Her sister, Robinson, says Ellis was serving food at a big family fun event in Carver Park Saturday. The event turned tragic when Robinson says her sister was taking their three-year-old niece, Lola, to the bathroom.

“Out of three people, two were my family members and you hit a child. My sister died shielding our niece and I know she wouldn’t have had it no other way. But it’s just sad now that she’s gone and I never would have thought in a million years this would happen,” said Robinson.

If she could say anything to the person who pulled the trigger, Robinson says she would tell them they need to turn themselves in.

“I want whoever shot my sister to know that this goes deeper and you didn’t just hurt us. You hurt other people. Plenty of cared for my sister and you just, you took her away. You have no idea how bad I hurt and how angry I am,” Robinson explained tearfully.

Robinson says her sister Andrea was a fighter, hard worker and caring.

“I love you. Tell mom I said hello. We all say hello. And fly high. Baby you will not be forgotten,” said Robinson.

One resident in the Carver Park area says she thinks the park should be closed until they can get a handle on the violence. Another says she walks to her mailbox with a weapon because she’s scared a drive by might happen.

This is the second shooting in less than two weeks in the Fountain City where innocent bystanders have been killed by gunfire. 12-year-old Cortez Richardson was shot and killed while traveling in the car with his family on the way home from dinner earlier this month. The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and indictment of those responsible for his murder.

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