Harris Co. mom says her daughter ate part of her mask at school

Substitute gave the child a mask despite the child having a medical exemption
Harris Co. mom says her daughter ate part of her mask at school
Harris Co. mom says her daughter ate part of her mask at school(Source: WTVM)
Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 9:10 PM EDT
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HAMILTON, Ga. (WTVM) - A mother in Harris County says her four-year-old daughter ate part of her mask after a substitute made her put one on.

When Harris County schools began requiring all staff and students wear masks, Carmen Wright says she contacted Park Elementary, where her four-year-old daughter goes to school.

“I sent in a note and stated that I did not want my child...masked. We had documentation from the doctor which was also presented,” said Wright.

Although her daughter was given a medical exemption, Wright says her daughter still had on a mask when she went to pick her up from school on Monday.

She says as soon as she noticed her daughter wearing a mask, she put her arm out her car window and asked school officials to quickly remove the mask from her daughter’s face. She says the school’s assistant principal apologized.

Park Elementary released a statement saying “The parents provided documentation to the teacher regarding exempting the child from wearing a mask” however “Upon investigation, while no one intended to hurt the child, a substitute teacher put a mask on the child.”

After that, Wright claims there were still issues. She says school officials told her “I need you to come pick up your child...unless you put a mask on her,” said Wright.

Wright says her daughter was almost kicked out for not wearing a mask on Tuesday, but after a few phone calls, the child was able to go back to class without a mask. Krystal Baggett, who also has children enrolled within the Harris County School district, says Wright’s daughter should have not been given a mask.

“I wouldn’t want nobody making my child physically wear a mask especially if they couldn’t because of medical reason,” said Baggett.

However, Baggett says she understands the need for them.

“If wearing masks at school is just one thing to help protect our kids, I support it and I think the school board is doing the best that they think they can do,” said Baggett.

Talks are underway to possibly consider having medical condition students wear arm bands to let teachers know those students cannot wear masks.

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