New Orleans couple evacuates to Columbus during Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida damages on the Gretna side of Stonebridge subdivision.
Hurricane Ida damages on the Gretna side of Stonebridge subdivision.(FOX8 (WVUE) viewer photo)
Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 7:07 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With power outages throughout Louisiana, Hurricane Ida evacuees in Columbus say they’re happy they decided to get out.

With Hurricane Ida making landfall in Louisiana Sunday, a New Orleans couple wasted no time packing their bags.

“You immediately think about Katrina whenever they say a hurricane’s coming and you hope it’s not going to be like Katrina,” said JoAnn Perdue.

With many people still without power in Louisiana, JoAnn Perdue says she’s still unable to text or call her family who decided to stay.

“I’ve been trying to contact my brothers who live in La Plaz which looks like La Place has gotten inundated with everything,” said JoAnn.

Having weathered the storm of Katrina that hit the city 16 years ago, Joe says making the decision to evacuate to Columbus wasn’t a hard one to make.

“Everytime there’s a hurricane, your response is basically the same -- ‘should I go? should I stay?’ And they were talking about this one is a little bit larger than the previous ones before it even got here. And that tied into a lot with our decision to get out of town,” said Joe Perdue.

With the couple having to move to Houston for six months when Hurricane Katrina hit and caused roof damage to their home, JoAnn says she’s worried about going back home after Hurricane Ida.

“You’re apprehensive because when we are allowed to go back...what are we going to find personally?” Asked JoAnn.

She says while Hurricae Ida is causing some streets to flood, so far she hasn’t seen as much water damage as she saw with Hurricane Katrina.

“The city was devestated with water with Katrina. But here, we’re seeing some flooded streets, a lot of wind damage but we’re not seeing the water that we saw with Katrina,” said JoAnn.

The New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness says evacuees should not return until further notice.

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