News Leader 9 shares personal stories from 9/11, Jason Dennis shares an original poem

The US marks the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks
The US marks the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks
Published: Sep. 11, 2021 at 10:29 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - News Leader 9′s Barbara Gauthier and Jason Dennis share their personal stories from September 11, 2001.

Barbara talks about being in Atlanta but working for BET in Washington, D.C. She says she was horrified as she watched the events unfold on TV. Once Barbara got to Washington D.C., she covered the Pentagon attack - which included the funeral of an 11-year-old boy who was on the plane that crashed into the pentagon. The 11-year-old boy, Bernard, and several other children on their way to california on a school trip. Barbara says she will never forget his story and so many others who died on 9/11.

On that day, Jason was at WTVM - he, like everyone else, was terrified. Jason felt the best way to describe his feelings was to write them down. So on September 11, 2001, Jason wrote a poem called “God Help Us.”

Watch the anchors talk about their personal stories and Jason recite his poem below:

“God Help Us,” by Jason Dennis:

The day, etched inside forever

September 11, 2001 changes everything Shock, horror, tears streaming down

Trio of planes hitting huge targets, explosion in the sky

God help us

Television sets beaming horrible images

More than ever feared possible

Shrieking, running, looking for escape Bodies lie motionless in the carnage

God help us

First, we can’t or won’t believe

Next, grief covers like a suffocating blanket

Confusion, shaking, wanting to help

Super power is down to its knees, wondering what’s next

God help the U.S.

Candles lit in dark corners for each victim

But hope flickers

Seeing, living, dying, piles of rubble

Survivors appear among a sea of casualties where numbers are meaningless

God help us

Rescue never ending from 9-11′s attack

Call came in an action immediate from

Firefighters, police, EMTs risking futures

Mission collapses but more came, disappearing into dust

God help them

War sets upon us and we prepare to fight The beasts who took freedom

Screaming, pounding, wanting real revenge

Americans saying bomb, destroy when leaders need prayer

God help the U.S.

Little girl watched the attacks and mom hears, people are hurting

Now we try to breathe, know, go on slowly

Sensing pride wrapped in flags

Knowing never before, never again

God save us

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