NYC school student in 2001 reflects on 9/11

NYC school student in 2001 reflects on 9/11
Published: Sep. 11, 2021 at 9:31 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The terrorist attacks had a profound impact on young people in this country.

Many of today’s adults watched through youthful eyes - horror that was tough to comprehend - unfolding on live TV.

For children in New York, the feelings were intensified.

News Leader 9′s Ben Stanfield has a story from a woman who was a little girl in New York City 20 years ago.

Many found out what was happening on September 11 from their television or a phone call.

12-year-old Patsy Morris, in Brooklyn, New York, was unaware of the world changing events unfolding in the city when it happened.

Until she could see and smell the smoke coming inside her middle school classroom.

“...and we normally have our windows up, you know, just having a normal day. All of a sudden we saw a bunch of smoke coming through the windows. We saw like burnt paper coming in.”

Blowing in the wind - the smoke, the debris, documents that once held significant importance, many of the lives those papers impacted - gone.

“Smoke, like paper, like typing or had typed words on it. Their signatures were on it. Any paper that was coming in the classroom, we would pick it up and be like “wow”. We didn’t know what it was.”

They turned on the television and soon realized what was unfolding...

“It was very emotional, especially for people I was in class with that may have lost friends and family through the tragedy...”

For Morris, she’ll always remember how her teachers guided them through the day. The city was closed down. The sudents couldn’t leave school for hours.

“The teachers let us speak about. We were basically expressing how we felt. That day was very scary.”

Morris, now a mother herself, moved to Columbus not long after 9/11.

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