Trash pickup services forced to discontinue in Lee County

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 8:43 PM EDT
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LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WTVM) - Hundreds of people and private local trash pick up services will be losing business following a decision to go to curbside pick-up.

Back in June, Lee county decided to get rid of their open top trash dumps. The County offered an exclusive contract to Arrow Trash Pick up Services, but for local trash pick up services and residents who already have contracts this will be problematic.

Soon, Arrow Trash Pick Up Services will be the only company to be able to pick up trash in Lee County. Monday night, the Lee County commissioners voted unanimously to offer an exclusive contract to the company.

“If you don’t give an exclusive contract then you pretty much allow other companies to come in and pretty much cherry pick the areas with high density,” Lee county Commissioner Robert Ham said.

While this exclusive contract works well for the newly hired trash vendor, it forces local private trash pick up services out of business in Lee County.

“I feel like we are being bullied and being forced to close which is not fair when we have documentation stating otherwise,” said Willie Philpot, owner of Viro Tek Services.

Philpot says the county’s decision is contrary to what he was told.

“That people who already have contracts with private companies can stay with that company and can become exempt from county taxes,” said Philpot.

Philpot says the documentation he received from the county said citizens would be allowed to contract private garbage removal and disposal services and residents would not be “mandated” to participate in the county’s curbside program.

Locals in the area also say they don’t think it’s fair for the county to kick out the other trash services.

“To me I think that’s going to put some local trash vendors out of a job and I really don’t like that,” said Yvonne Jakes.

Ham says their intention is not to put anyone out of business but to meet needs of everyone.

“We had to do what’s best for the whole county,” said Ham.

We were not able to reach any of Philpot’s customers, but customers who commented on his company’s Facebook page said they were happy with his services.

Lee County Commissioner Robert Ham says this method has worked for other counties and he believes it will also be the best decision for their county.

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