WTVM Editorial 9/28/21: Focus On COVID Therapy

WTVM Editorial 9/28/21: Focus On COVID Therapy
Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 9:15 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - For almost two years, the fight against COVID-19 has been almost solely focused on a vaccine.

First, it was about slicing through the red tape that normally ties up a newly created vaccine for years. Then, when vaccines quickly became a reality, wide distribution was the goal. Now, 21 months into the pandemic, anti-viral therapies - how we treat COVID - are finally getting some needed attention.

One of those therapies, called monoclonal antibody treatment, is proving to be a major success.

Monoclonal antibody treatment, when taken early - usually intravenously - reduces COVID hospitalization or death by a whopping 70-percent.

It blocks the virus from entering your cells and replicating.

The treatment is called mono - meaning one - monoclonal antibody because it binds itself to one specific protein to stop the virus.

You may have also heard of convalescent plasma, which is poly - meaning many - polyclonal antibody treatment, which consists of donated blood from patients who survived COVID and produced powerful virus-killing antibodies.

Many health experts maintain the COVID vaccine is the best protection against severe illness over a longer period of time than these antibody treatments, which may only last a few months.

But it’s clear from research around the country that antibody therapy can be lifesaving for elderly and/or at risk patients – the groups most under the gun from this virus.

Even if you’re fully vaccinated – which is a smart move for MOST – you can still get COVID.

So it’s important to know about antibody therapy, so that as soon as you feel ill, you can get tested and get to your doctor, who will quickly assess whether you would benefit from antibody therapy.

Because when it comes to COVID, it’s important to have more than one weapon in your fight.

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