Columbus eviction clean up policy set to change

Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 6:31 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Landlords in Columbus may soon have to clean up their own properties after they evict someone.

City leaders are meeting later this month to discuss whether landlords will be responsible for debris and trash left on their property.

Usually, the city would come and pick up furniture and debris after an eviction.

“It’s because of a lack of employees in our public works department. As a result of that, we’ve just had a dirty city,” said Lisa Goodwin, deputy city manager.

In just a few months, that will not be the case any longer.

“But in order for us to continue to maintain and keep our city clean, we need the landlords to step up and do a little more,” Goodwin said.

On October 18, the city will be meeting with landlords and property managers like Councilwoman Charmaine Crabb, who also happens to be a property manager, to adjust the policy for eviction clean up.

“Right now, landlords don’t have to do anything. They just wait for the city to come and clean it up,” Goodwin said.

While this change will cost landlords more money, Crabb says landlords and property owners should be responsible for their own property.

“They manage that property that they rent out. So, the condition of the property is still the homeowner’s responsibility,” Charmaine Crabb, realtor and property manager.

Goodwin says keeping the city clean in the last year has been really hard, but lately, it has become even harder with the overwhelming number of evictions.

“In September, we had 122 evictions,” Goodwin explained.

She says the city will offer landlords three options to choose and landlords will also be able to present solutions they like.

“We would like to share with them those options and give them an opportunity to come up with what they would like to see,” Goodwin said.

City officials are hoping that these changes will help to keep Columbus beautiful.

The meeting in Council Chambers on October 18 at 3 p.m.

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