Local landlords angry about possible eviction clean up fee

Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 8:51 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Landlords in Columbus may soon have to clean up their own properties after they evict someone.

Many are worried about the impact the new eviction clean up change is going to have on them financially.

“Where is the protection for the landlords, where is the incentives for the landlord to provide clean safe housing,” asked Michael Powell, landlord and property manager in Columbus.

He said the additional cost to clean up eviction waste will burden landlords who may already be struggling.

“All of the cost are being passed on to us on top of the absorbent real estate property taxes,” Powell said.

In order to evict a tenant, landlords are responsible for a few different fees and Powell says those fees can start to add up.

“We are already paying the fee to file the eviction, we are paying four people to help conduct the eviction and typically you don’t get any of your money back,” Powell said.

Tom Calhoun with Flournoy and Calhoun Realtors said the change isn’t only going to impact landlords but also tenants.

“It’s always been that the landlord has to place their belongings on the right of way and the logic behind that is so the tenant can come reclaim their belongings,” Calhoun said.

However, Calhoun said the eviction clean up policy changes could cause a problem for former tenants trying to reclaim their property.

“It can be a win lose situation,” said Calhoun.

Landlords met with the city in a meeting to discuss these upcoming changes. Prior to the meeting Powell said he hoped the options to choose from would be fair.

Unfortunately, many of the landlords were unhappy with the options they were given, but one of those options allows for them to collectively come up with what they feel is fair and present it to the city to be voted on.

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