MOTION HEARING: Judge rules in favor of State of Georgia in suspended DA Mark Jones’ 9-count indictment case

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 3:40 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A judge rules in favor of the State of Georgia - ending Defense Attorney Chris Breault’s subpoena in suspended District Attorney Mark Jones’ motion hearing.

Breault’s subpoena was to have Columbus Police Department’s Corporal Hayes testify about a recorded conversation between Hayes and Jones in which Jones is accused of trying to influence Hayes’ testimony.

The motion hearing is for suspended District Attorney Mark Jones’ 9-count indictment case.

Breault argued his point on why he should not be disqualified as Jones’ attorney since the state has named Breault as a possible witness in the case.

The state had asked the judge to dismiss Breault’s “last minute” subpoenas to have several witnesses testify on his behalf today in a motion to disqualify him as Jones’ attorney.

The judge ruled in favor of the state.

Georgia Deputy Attorney General John Fowler tells the judge that Jones tried to get a witness in the Drevon Johnson murder trial charged as a murder suspect after the case ended in a hung jury.

Defense Attorney Chris Breault argues Columbus is seeing its highest homicide rate and DA Jones is trying to convict murderers and get people to come to court to tell the truth. The state alleges Jones is trying to wrongly charge Andrew Lloyd as a murder suspect.

The State of Georgia withdrew the motion pertaining to alleged “prior bad acts” by Jones when riding home with a friend in July 2021. No details given in court on what happened during the ride.

The state presented about 17 motions in all but withdrew one motion to admit evidence alleging cocaine use by Jones in July of 2021.

The judge refused to allow witnesses to testify today on behalf of Chris Breault, citing a timing issue— saying Breault did not submit the subpoenas in a timely manner.

The judge will submit her ruling in writing either tomorrow or Monday on whether or not to disqualify Breault as Jones’ attorney because he is a state’s witness in Jones’ 9 count indictment case.

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