Man finds bears eating KFC in his kitchen

Published: Nov. 13, 2021 at 1:01 AM EST
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SIERRA MADRE, Calif. (CNN) - A California man had a shocking surprise when he found some uninvited guests at his home last month.

Some bears made themselves at home in his house.

While the mama bear was outside watching the house, her two cubs were inside ransacking the home and eating the man’s chicken.

“I see a bear in my kitchen and...he’s eating my Kentucky Fried Chicken,” John Holden said.

When Holden first arrived, he saw that his front door was open and the mama bear was sitting outside. When she would not move, he ran past her into his house.

“I was very concerned about my pets at the time, so I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly. I just wanted to get in here and make sure they were OK,” Holden said.

While one cub devoured his bucket of chicken on the kitchen counter, Holden saw another ransacking the house.

In the meantime, he realized one of his parakeets was missing and so was his dog, Woody. At this time, he was just focused on getting the bears out.

“I did everything I could do to make noise to try to get them to leave. They were very stubborn,” Holden said.

After a few minutes, the two cubs decided to make an exit and join their mother outside.

“They were very happy. They rested. They definitely enjoyed their visit at my house,” Holden said.

He then turned his attention to finding his pets.

Sadly, his parakeet is gone, but Woody is back home. Woody got out of the house when the bears came, but a neighbor driving by found him and brought him home.

Holden is thankful his family was not at home when the bears arrived.

Although bears are part of his community, he will be making sure they won’t be making themselves comfortable inside his home again.

“Definitely make sure all your doors and windows are securely fastened when you have fresh food in the house that a bear can smell, especially KFC,” Holden said.

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