What it takes to bring ‘Fantasy in Lights’ to life

Published: Nov. 19, 2021 at 7:09 PM EST
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PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WTVM) - Callaway Gardens’ Fantasy in Lights may seem like magic, but it takes a lot of work to get these displays up and running.

Paul Creasy is one of the handful of technical masterminds behind this intricate operation.

“Callaway first has a great tradition of doing Fantasy in Lights and has a tremendous reputation for that. So, as we looked at adding on to the experience by doing the Winterland walkway and the other items this year, we knew it had to be to a caliber that would match what Callaway’s already created with Fantasy in Lights,” said Creasy.

No shortage of talent or energy is spared to transform Calloway’s 2500 acre property into a holiday destination.

“Our general contractors are building what we need, whether it’s a split rail, whether it’s infrastructural items that we need,” said Creasy. “We’ve got electrical contractors out here that are running are electric around. Then we’ve got our lighting programmers who are programing the lights. We’ve got our install team that’s setting things in place.”

Crews begin work in August to create the beautiful scenes across the Gardens, and are working up until the final days before the Fantasy in Lights season begins.

“We’ve got guys in lifts that are putting up snowflakes, putting up the higher location items. The snowflake lane, the Christmas tree lane that you walk out. All of those are getting put in place, and we’ve got teams are coming behind and wiring stuff up, getting all the lights that are going to put those together, putting the musical soundtrack together,” explained Creasy. “So when you walk through the Winterland walkway, you hear those great Christmas songs and it just makes you feel great all over. And then we’ve got people that are placing strategically, getting all the set out just right. So each scene is just meticulously placed and looks just right.”

The best part is impacting families and being able to create great memories for them.

“The really ultimate treat is when you get to see the guest walking through and you see the mom, the dad, the kid smiling and you see them making those Christmas memories that you carry with you forever. So that’s the part that’s really rewarding,” said Creasy. “So even though it’s, you know, many 20 hour days, it’s all worthwhile when you see the experience and you get to watch the guest just come through and have a great time and make Christmas memories with their families.”

Fantasy in Lights will run at Callaway Gardens November 19 through January 3.

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