RUN THE RACE: Former Pro Boxer & Gym Owner Showing the “Wright Way” To Get Healthy

Wright Way Fitness
Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 4:01 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A former pro boxer, who has owned a gym in Columbus GA for the last 7 years, showed me the ropes, in and out of the ring, on the latest episode of our “Run The Race” podcast, giving some advice on what you can do, in terms of workout and food, after Thanksgiving.

Darrel Wright, owner of Wright Way Fitness, shared his journey from track star to the Army to boxing and now a personal trainer.

“I was a 4-time Georgia golden glove champion and that’s what people see, but they don’t understand the history behind it. I did terrible, I got knocked out cold in 2003,” Wright said.

After 74 amateur bouts, he became a pro boxer, but he explains why it was one and done with pro fights. There are a lot of life lessons, he says, that comes from boxing - like getting knocked down and getting back up! His motto is: Think it, Speak it, Do it, Be it. That can be positive or negative.

Wright loves sports and fitness, but tells us he’s most passionate about helping others. Opening his gym was a “leap of faith,” And just this year, they now have a separate boxing gym with a ring.

He talks on the podcast about what it means to train like a boxer, which doesn’t have to include getting punched, but does include a full body core workout. Wright has boxing clients as young as 7, as old as 70. That includes his 2 kids, ages 9 and 10.

“I want them (my kids) to learn, early on, how to take a punch, get up, slip, move, weave, you gotta dodge it because, as we both know, life comes with its punches,” Wright said.

And this personal trainer says it’s not all about weight loss, but being a better you! Wright doesn’t do diets, wants people to enjoy eating, but he talks about moderation and fitness motivation in the holiday season.

“Go have your Thanksgiving turkey, all the dressing, have it, but still work out at the same time. You use it or you lose it,” Wright added.

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