WTVM Editorial 12/08/21: Omicron-No Panic Needed

WTVM Editorial 12/08/21: Omicron-No Panic Needed
WTVM Editorial 12/08/21: Omicron-No Panic Needed
Published: Dec. 8, 2021 at 3:15 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - None of us should overreact to the new coronavirus variant called Omicron.

Viruses always mutate - it’s what they do to survive.

Virus mutations are the reason annual flu shots are only ever about 60-percent effective against any year’s seasonal flu.

Even though the COVID virus keeps mutating, it’s still 97-98-percent survivable, for MOST people who are not elderly or experiencing major chronic illness.

That survivability is due to many factors.

Past COVID patients have strong natural immunity, for one. And those vaccinated may be better protected from severe illness - although vaccination itself does not prevent COVID.

It has always been folks older than 75 with dangerous, life-threatening conditions who have the highest risk of death from COVID of any variant.

We must continue to protect them.

Meanwhile, new therapeutics keep coming, including at least one in pill form that might drastically reduce severe COVID illness, which is very good news.

And existing therapeutics like monoclonal anti-bodies, ivermectin, remdesivir and even hydroxychloroquine, should all be widely available so COVID patients and doctors can choose whether to try those remedies.

Current reports say the Omicron variant appears to just mimic a mild cold. But some national health officials seem ready to use it as a reason to return to restrictive policies.

What we really need to do is learn from the past and be smart, but skeptical health consumers. That means do your own research with your doctor, to get answers specific to your health.

Most of all, just remember to use common sense because there’s no need to panic.

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