Brother of 2003 cold case victim speaks out against decision to dismiss case

“I thought we had a good case. Detective Carter thought we had a good office. The D.A.’s office to me just didn’t want to try it.”
Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 6:38 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A family has been searching for justice for nearly two decades. Gene Woolfolk says he thought he would soon see justice for his brother’s murder 18 years ago, but it slipped through his fingers, just a few days before trial was expected to start.

Now, the family of then 45-year-old Albert Woolfolk is trying to figure out where they go from here after news of the accused killer being released from jail.

“I’ve waited 17 years... 17 years for this day. I’m just glad it’s finally here,” Gene Woolfolk said a year ago after finding out 48-year-old Alvin Barfield, was arrested for his brother, Albert Woolfolk’s murder.

Woolfolk had been stabbed multiple times. He had children and a wife, who were not at the home during the incident.

A statement from acting D.A. Sheneka Terry on the decision to dismiss the charges reads:

“It is understandably very frustrating for the family in this case, and our office sympathizes and shares their desire to have justice for their loved one. Although, at this time, our office does not feel that we can proceed to trial with the evidence that we currently have against Mr. Barfield. We appreciate the Police Department’s work on this case and will support their efforts as they continue to investigate this heinous crime. The D.A.’s office always strives to obtain justice for families in this community, but we have to do it with integrity.”

Gene says he’s trying to pick up the pieces and keep the fight for justice going after news of the case against his brother’s accused killer was dropped.

“I thought we had a good case. Detective Carter thought we had a good office. The D.A.’s office to me just didn’t want to try it”, said Woolfolk. “His fingerprint was inside my brother’s home.”

The accused killer, Alvin Barfield, says he did not know Woolfolk and had never been to his home.

In February of last year, police say evidence found in the home had Barfield’s fingerprints on it, linking him to the crime. The case was then moved to Superior Court.

On January 7, 2022, the case was dismissed by the district attorney’s office for lack of evidence.

Police say the case is still under investigation.

Acting District Attorney Sheneka Terry tells News Leader 9, dismissing the charges against Alvin Barfield was the right thing to do. According to Barfield’s attorney, after spending the last 11 months in the Muscogee County jail, he lost his house, car, and job.

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