Columbus man speaks out after charges dropped in brother’s cold case murder

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 6:12 AM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Gene Woolfolk, sibling of Albert Woolfolk, who was murdered in his home in 2003, is fighting to keep his brother’s memory alive even as justice seems to move further away.

A harsh dead end for the 18-year-old cold case.

Last seen at a sports bar on Gentian Boulevard, 45-year-old Albert Woolfolk was beaten and stabbed to death in his Columbus home on Habersham Avenue in 2003.

Charges against the accused killer, Alvin Barfield, were dismissed Friday due to a lack evidence. Originally, Barfield was arrested after his finger prints were found in Woolfolk’s home.

Gene Woolfolk, Jr. says their mother was left to discover the body of her son.

“My mother loved my brother,” Woolfolk said. “He was the baby of the family and you know how mothers feel about the baby.”

And with the only suspect freed from prosecution, this puts the family back at square one.

“I’m bewildered and kind of lost as to what direction we are going,” he explained.

But as Woolfolk, Jr. toils with his brother’s cold case being dismissed, he says he wishes he could tell his baby brother one last thing:

“Just that I loved him.”

Woolfolk, Jr. says his brother was always the life of the party.

“Besides being just my brother, he was a boisterous, fun person to be around,” he recalled.

But before anything, he was a father who would do anything for his children.

“To no end, his objective was just to take care of his kids,” Woolfolk, Jr. stated.

Woolfolk Jr. says he leaves behind four children and a widow who need answers.

Answers to one question - What happened to Albert Woolfolk?

Gene says he can’t speak on the case right now, but he says he is confused and wants answers.

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