UGA championship gear in high demand after four decades

Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 1:56 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - What a year it’s been in Georgia...

Georgia Bulldogs championship gear is flying off the shelves after the Dawgs’ first championship in 41 years.

For retailers of the apparel it’s been a busy year - because they saw the same thing happen with a Braves World Series Title.

Now the championship retail rush continues.

Georgia retailers rejoice - the Dawgs National Championship means gear is in high demand.

“For the state, it’s tremendous because where you are in the year right now is typically a slow time for retail. Christmas is over. The holidays are over. Everybody’s made a resolution they are going to save money,” said Alan Grimsley with New World Graphics. “They are going to budget. There’ not a lot of traffic. This just turns that completely around. Now people are going to stores that today would’ve been going to work or not going to stores.”

New World Graphics in Athens always prints championship shirts no matter who wins - but this time, it just means more.

“Every year we print these t-shirts, but nobody really wants one… nobody that works here because they’re going out to other places. Now we’ve got a situation where everybody that works here wants a shirt,” said Grimsley. “Their friends all want shirts. We’re getting called, contacted through Facebook, from friends and family going ‘hey can I get a shirt?’. This is really different than it’s ever been. It’s a good feeling because it’s for us.”

It’s been 41 years since the Dawgs last won the title - and for Alabama it’s been just 12 months. So naturally, a Georgia victory is really good business for everyone involved.

“The difference is because it’s the first one in 40 years it’s going to be the biggest,” said Grimsley. “Alabama was big when we started doing it for their first one ever how many years ago. Every year you see it getting a little slower. It doesn’t last as long. It ends sooner.”

Alan and the crew at New World Graphics hope it’s not four more decades before they can print shirts like this again.

He tells us they printed shirts through the night and are still going full speed right now. As of lunch time today, they had already printed over 30,000 shirts.

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