Consumer prices soar to highest since 1982

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 9:26 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Prices for basic necessities such as food, water and clothes are higher than the same time last year. These prices coming as a result of the nation’s largest period of inflation in nearly 40 years.

“Everything within the economy has a triple effect,” said owner of East Coast Auto Body Shop in Columbus, Chester Jackson.

Inflation in Columbus is hitting people on both sides of the totem pole. Businesses and consumers feeling the impact. Jackson says prices for parts like tires and certain car doors have went up by hundreds of dollars.

“A door used to be on average $1200 now you’re looking in the neighborhood of a door is $1900,” said Jackson.

He says they have seen this increase in supplies like paint and sand paper. These price increases eventually caused him to have to raise the prices for service.

“We have raised the prices because we feel the impact on us,” said Jackson.

Shoppers like Wanda Greene also feeling that same pressure.

“My bread right here used to be $2.99, it’s $3.99 now for a loaf of bread,” said Wanda Greene.

Howard Reed, owner of Jamerican Taste Catering Services, says the grocery bill for his family has doubled.

“For a family of three groceries on a good day if you really want to go shopping is going to cost 250 to 280 dollars, but before that same price would probably cost you 150 to 180,″ said Reed.

Reed and Greene both say they do their best to combat the rising prices for food is by catching deals.

“Like for instance I come here to Piggly wiggly and get my meat and I go to Walmart for my sides because the sides are cheaper at Walmart,” Reed said.

“You can get a pack of thighs for like two something and they are like four dollars and 69 cent,” said Greene.

These rising prices are also impacting other industries, including gas, pet food, and cars to name a few.

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