RUN THE RACE: Wellness Coach & Cancer Survivor Helps You Biohack For a Healthy 2022

RUN THE RACE: Wellness Coach & Cancer Survivor Helps You Biohack For a Healthy 2022
Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 4:17 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - As people try to stick with their New Year’s goals, we brought a certified holistic wellness coach on our “Run The Race” podcast to talk about biohacking for your health, nutrition advice for busy people in the New Year, and how faith in God plays a role in your wellness.

Naomi Damask, Elon College (NC) class of 1998 like me, gave us some keys to success to stick with your goals for 2022, how to build simple healthy habits. Losing weight is a big focus with “resolutions” but this cancer survivor says you need focus on the why and your inside.

Ten years ago, this healthy young woman got a “sucker punch” when she found out she had 2 invasive tumors, changing the direction of her life. She talks about what she did to become a cancer survivor and how the experience changed her career with a new mission to help women with prevention health.

Damask says health care providers give women too many medicine “bandaids” and we all have to learn to listen to our bodies.

For those of us with busy lives, coach Naomi gets specific about how/why we should eat healthy, with 3 keys of what to look for in your food. Part of her advice is you can still enjoy eating what you want at times, and take small steps.

She says the spiritual and emotional sides are also key for wellness, which includes having hope.

Her job now is as a wellness entrepreneur in epigenetics, biohacking and nutrigenomics. In the podcast episode, she explains what all that means. In laymans terms, you have a family history that affects your health, but your environment and what you eat also impacts our genes, plus what small changes you can make for a healthier life overall.

With the idea to get away from technology more, Damask talks about getting outside and moving more, even cold therapy in Minnesota where she lives.

She also created “Vitamin C Parties.” The C stands for cancer and some other important “C” words. As a coach, she also talks on the pod about seeing more depression during the COVID pandemic, how serving others can help.

This mom hopes to be an example for other women, including her 2 teen daughters.

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