‘I just want to see justice’: Columbus mom fed up with delays in son’s murder trial

Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 8:06 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus mother says she’s fed up with the continuous delays of the trail surrounding her son’s murder. Officials say a current backlog of cases is causing many trials to be pushed back.

In a very heartfelt interview Wednesday, Marcia Denson says these delays are negatively impacting her family. She also says she hopes she’s still alive when the trial finally starts.

It’s been four years since 32-year-old Branden Denson was gunned down outside the Pizza Hut on Buena Vista Road. While five suspects have been arrested in connection the case, it has yet to go to trial.

“I can think of at least 10 times I was told we’re going to trial and we haven’t,” said Denson.

In a statement to News Leader 9, Acting District Attorney Sheneka Terry said the COVID-19 pandemic is the reason for the delay.

“Which COVID is never going away, the experts tell you. So, are we never going to trial?,” Denson questioned.

Terry says the district is working hard, handling a huge backlog of cases. She says they have also received a grant from Governor Brian Kemp to hire more staff.

The district is unable to take cases to trial involving more than three co-defendants, Terry says.

“I feel like I’m the victim now - that they’re making me relive this murder so many times that I feel like I’m being murdered a little bit more each time,” said Denson.

Denson says her son Branden was known to many in the community as “BD”. Branden was also a local rapper who had been featured in XXL magazine.

Denson says she received another call Tuesday saying a hearing set for Jan. 25 is now being postponed as well.

“Going to trial and getting a verdict will not bring my son back, but at least I can move on,” she said.

Jury selection for this case was scheduled to begin January 3, but was pushed back until February 7. However, Denson says the February date was also rescheduled. This grieving mother says every time she shows up in court, she has to relive the moment she lost her son.

With tears in her eyes, Marcia Denson said, “Unfortunately, my husband died a year ago and never saw justice for my son. I just want to see justice for my son before my time comes.”

There’s no word yet on when this case will officially begin. However, Sheneka Terry says she hopes they can resume normal course of business this spring. She also says they are actively working to hire additional attorneys and investigators.

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