Two Columbus men provide food for the local community

Two Columbus men provide food for the local community
Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 10:50 AM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Two local men are working to end food insecurity in south Columbus - with nearly 20 percent of the community living in poverty.

“You know when I was a young man, we had gardens all throughout our community,” said Ronzell Bucker, Executive Officer of Turn Around Columbus.

Ronzell Buckner is a Columbus native, on top of being Executive Officer of Turn Around Columbus and owner of the Victory Garden. At a young age, he saw how gardening improved his community and now he is working to do that for future generations.

“This is going to help the family and bring the family unit back together,” said Buckner.

The Victory Garden is located right behind Marshall Elementary School in Columbus. Buckner grows a variety of different fruits and vegetables, but that’s not the only person working to make a change in the south side of Columbus.

“I remember when I was approximately seven years old... I would go into the backyard and dig a garden to prepare a meal for the table,” said Jackson.

Two Columbus men are working to bring families back to the table but also expanding the minds of young people.

“Outside of rapping, outside of playing basketball, outside playing football... you can be a farmer,” said Buckner. “You can deal with agriculture, you can get a degree in engineering dealing, you don’t have to be a farmer.”

Also, Buckner explains the need and understanding of nutrition is as impertinent in this busy day in time.

“Most people now use microwaves or they order out, or they got to a fast-food place, so what winds up happening is they are eating and they are getting full - but you have to look at what it’s doing to the body,” said Buckner.

The goal for both Buckner and Jackson is to achieve not only providing food for the community but teaching children the skills of growing their own food to create a more unified and healthier community.

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