Could Columbus gas station plagued by crime shut down?

Mayor Henderson weighs in on the possibility amid a string of recent shootings.
Published: Feb. 9, 2022 at 12:33 AM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson is working with the Columbus Police Department to determine how to curtail crimes at the Chevron gas station on Farr Road.

Tuesday morning, more than 20 evidence markers were spotted on the ground of yet another shooting at gas station.

“Something really need to be done about it. I don’t know if they need to put more cameras up in the city,” said Cusseta resident Timothy Owens.

You may remember, last week 25-year-old Kivonte Clark was gunned down at this same location. With three shootings at the gas station since November, Mayor Skip Henderson has asked Columbus Police Department to investigate. What they find will determine whether the business will have to shut down.

“We just look and we see how many incidents have occurred there,” said Mayor Skip Henderson. “And then, we make a decision based off our conversation with the police department whether or not to send that letter.”

When former Mayor Teresa Tomlinson was in office, she sought to close the following businesses amid reports of multiple shootings at their location:

- Luxx Gentleman’s Club, two strip clubs known as the Carousel Lounge and the Foxy Lady, Majestic Sports Bar, which was demolished five years ago, and The Fire House nightclub.

The owner of Club Medallion also closed its doors for good in 2017 after two people were shot there.

“I mean it’s happening all over the city so I don’t think shutting it down is going to be the answer,” said Owens.

Whether the Chevron shuts down or not, Mayor Henderson says these crimes throughout the city will be addressed.

“Our law enforcement officers are going to leverage other agencies as well,” said Mayor Henderson. “We’ve bought people in from Atlanta and we’re going to get these folks off the street.”

Columbus police are still investigating the amount of crimes that have happened at this gas station. Mayor Henderson also clarified if a business is shut down, their business license is revoked and the owner retains the property.

Mayor Henderson says after the police department tells them a particular business is becoming a hotspot for crime, council notifies that business and gives them a chance to fix the issue. If things still don’t change, the district attorney’s office and the Superior Court are involved and that business will eventually have to turn over their license.

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