Columbus to switch to new automated trash pickup services

Published: Feb. 17, 2022 at 10:01 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Changes are coming soon to the way trash is picked up in Columbus.

The biggest change people will need to know about is the size of the trash bin and the number of trash bins per household.

Trash delays and inconveniences have been a constant complaint.

With the help of these new automated trash pick up trucks, the city is offering a solution to those complaints.

“It should be much more efficient for the community,” said Director of Public Works Drale Short.

The trucks have a yellow arm that sticks its hand out, grabs the bin and dumps the trash - only requiring a driver to operate the truck.

A process Director of Public Works Drale Short says was done by inmates prior to the new trucks.

“The older trucks just took a lot more effort to fill, whereas the automated trucks should be able to fill much quicker than the older trucks,” Short said.

However, she says the pandemic disrupted the process of picking up trash.

“We can only use healthy viable inmates that one want to come out and work and they have the right as well to say they don’t want to be out around people during the pandemic,” said Short.

Limited man power isn’t the only thing that only change.

Short says the trucks will also solve trash delay issues by limiting the number of trash bin per household to one 95 gallon trash bin fitting up to seven 18 ounce garbage bags.

“When you go to a household and you have 10-15 containers, that takes quite a bit of time to empty and then get the rest of the route done,” said Short.

Drale Short, director of Public works, says a special service is offered for people who are disabled. They can call public works and assistance will be provided with moving the bins.

For those who are elderly or handicapped, Short says smaller trash bins can be provided.

Short says, as of now, they are waiting on a date as to when current waste bins will be picked up.

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