Georgia senator speaks at Columbus church for Black History program

Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 1:55 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The congregation at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Columbus celebrated and honored Black History Month Sunday morning.

Among the guests was Georgia Senator and Marine Veteran Ed Harbison who came to encourage the Fountain City to support youth and equal voting rights.

Working to improve social justice for people of color, Senator Harbison began his speech reminding the congregation just how far the Black community has come.

“Man, we’ve come from a long way,” Harbison said. “Slavery was no joke. It was no fun time. It was no free meal. We had to work in the field until the man said you can knock off now.”

Harbison also said the fight for social equality is not over yet and voting rights are under attack.

“We are in a place where people are trying to suppress your vote,” he said. “They are fighting against you everyday. They are fighting you trying to make you understand or not understand that you can make a difference.”

However, a few kids sitting in the audience say they have a plan to make a change when they grow up.

Fighting for voting rights is not the only issue Harbison addresses. He explains says also need to support black youth, especially in Georgia.

“They need it now more than ever,” Harbison said. “We are killing ourselves, our children are killing one another, stand and tell them you are of value and you are a child of God.”

At the end of the service, the church presented a trophy to Senator Harbison to show appreciation for his work and service to this country.

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