How to save money at the gas pumps as prices rise

How to save money at the gas pumps as prices rise
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 2:56 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Once again, the price of crude oil has increased which means you could pay up to 50 cents more at some gas stations. For anyone with a gas tank close to E, like me, here’s how to save some money at the pumps.

“You can’t go broke just pumping gas because you’re going to go broke pumping gas how it is now,” said Darrell Collier, Columbus resident.

Some people across the Valley are spending big bucks to fill up their tanks. This man spent a whopping $75 to get 19 gallons worth of gas.

“Right now in Georgia, we’re about 3.60 a gallon for regular unleaded. Columbus is a little lower - about 3.53 a gallon,” said AAA Spokesman, Garrett Townsend.

As for what’s behind the jump - AAA says it has to do with the cost of crude oil.

“Just a day ago, we found that the barrel of crude traded at 100, over 100 dollars a barrel and we haven’t seen prices like that in over a decade,” said Townsend, Georgia AAA Spokesman.

He says that translates to Georgia drivers spending anywhere from 40 to 50 cents more per gallon.

“I think we need to go back to doing our own oil so that we’ll be able to afford to buy gas to go to work so we can use the other money to feed our family,” said Lisa Cooper, Phenix City resident.

Some say, for now, they’re only filling up enough to go to work and run errands.

“I got an SUV right here and everything. You put 10 in your tank and you can’t get that far,” said Collier.

Across the bridge in Phenix City, people patiently waited in line at Castle Fuels.

“This gas station’s always the cheapest around so this is where we always come to get our gas,” said Cooper.

Walmart is also a popular location with cheap gas as well as Sam’s Club. AAA also offers discounts for its members.

“You can enroll in a fuel saving program, which can save you about five cents per gallon,” said Townsend.

The AAA Spokesman also says the best way to improve the efficiency of your car is by getting necessary car repairs including fluid changes and tire checks.

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