Pastors throughout GA, AL helping families in Ukraine and Russia

Pastors throughout GA, AL helping families in Ukraine and Russia
Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 7:13 PM EST
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PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - In the midst of the deadly turmoil between Russia and Ukraine, several churches throughout the Chattahoochee Valley are stepping up to the plate to help refugees, with prayer and money for food and supplies.

The number of people fleeing from the conflict is now topping two million.

Summerville United Methodist Church is bringing the community together Sunday for a special prayer event for families in both Russia and Ukraine whose lives have drastically changed.

A pastor in Columbus was also talked to and said now is the time to come together to bring hope to the suffering.

“We pray, God, for a swift and speedy end to this brutal war. We pray for the mantle of your spirit to protect the Ukrainians who are fleeing, who are suffering loss, who are being raped. God, you are the God of all compassion.” Senior Pastor Jay Bailey of Solid Rock Church in East Columbus prays.

A prayer from Bailey who, like many, is asking how we can help, perhaps financially. He explained, as we witnessed Russia’s unprovoked invasion and now millions of Ukrainians suffering, it is pulling at the heart strings of people across the world.

“The aggressive moves of the Russian army are increasing” Bailey said. “Innocent civilians are being butchered. Women and children are being killed. Women are being raped from every metric, the level of aggression and evil is only intensifying.”

This, prompting both Bailey and Pastor Karen Seifert of Summerville United Methodist Church in Phenix City to take action, financially and by bowing their heads.

“We just felt the spirit calling us to have a time of prayer to pray not just for Ukraine, but Russia, too,” Seifert explained. “There are so many people in Russia who don’t want this war. No one wants this war.”

Solid Rock Church is teaming with the non-profit organization Convoy of Hope, which is on the ground in Ukraine, working with groups there to help feed, house and provide basic necessities to refugees.

“Many hands make light work,” Bailey said. “Together, we can be light and love to those who are suffering, whose lives have literally been disrupted in a massive way.”

You can donate to Convoy of Hope today by clicking here.

You can join the Summerville United Methodist in prayer at their church this Sunday at 3 p.m.

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