Ga. Governor Brian Kemp signs gas tax suspension bill

Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 6:29 PM EDT
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GEORGIA (WTVM) - Governor Brian Kemp signed the bill that will suspend the state’s gas tax earlier today.

Georgians could save around 30 cents per gallon and 33 cents per gallon for diesel.

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate approved the bill following a week of discussion, however the relief at the pump may not come immediately.

“Gas prices are well over $4 a gallon with some in our viewing area paying close to $4.35 per gallon,” said local businessman, Norman Webb.

House Bill 304 promises to bring relief at the gas pumps. The bill will temporarily suspend the state’s gas tax and provide a savings of about 29 cents per gallon.

“I say now that everything that helps is a plus,” Webb added.

Though this 29 cent relief at the pump comes as a gift to many, AAA spokeswoman, Montrae Walters, said consumers won’t see the relief immediately.

“That could take some time. How long? We are not really sure. Maybe within the next week or so, but be aware that yes the savings are going to be great for consumers at the pump. However, we don’t know quickly that is going to trickle down to consumers at the pump.” Walters explained.

Webb said the high gas prices have forced him to slightly raise his prices for his lawn services, however the tax suspension may allow him to lower them again.

“It’s one of them things you try not to put the expense on your customer, like you try to leave everything where it is, but somebody has got to eat that.” said Webb.

Even with the suspension, Walters said people should still adhere to safety tips.

“And again it’s still about because cause prices are going to be a little elevated, it’s still about saving tips. So trying to combine your errands, making sure when you do find that gas station that may be a little cheaper in your local area, maybe paying with cash is going to be better for you instead of a card.” Walters said.

The suspension will run through the end of May.

It could cost the state between $300 to $400 million in revenue. Georgia expects to make that revenue up with the rainy day fund.

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