Methamphetamine cases increasing at alarming rates in Russell County

Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 8:44 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The number of methamphetamine arrests in Russell County has been growing at an alarming rate.

According to Sheriff Heath Taylor, so has the amount of meth on the streets.

So far this year Taylor said they’re averaging close to 20 meth cases a month. That’s compared to about 13 cases a month last year.

Taylor said they are also finding much more meth than ever before.

The amount of meth typically found on someone went from grams to kilograms. Keep in mind, it takes one thousand grams to equal one kilogram.

The Russell County sheriff said most of the meth they confiscate is coming from the Mexican border.

“That meth is coming from the border and it’s coming into the small towns in the county. I definitely think that is a huge proponent of why we are seeing a lot more meth cases in our community,” he explained.

Russell County Corner Authur Sumbry Jr. said he’s hoping the number of arrests and deaths will decrease.

“It looks like it’s going to be on the rise. Just having more problems overall its just one of those things that we just got to come together with better or more solutions,” said Sumbry.

Taylor stated some people who are dealing with mental health issues try to diagnose themselves and end up using meth, which then becomes an addiction.

He also stated right now there is so much meth out there that the price is even cheaper than normal.

“Used to be about $100 a gram and now you’re probably paying 80 bucks a gram because of the quantity. You know you didn’t have that many large dealers in a small community like ours but it seems like every day that we turn around there’s another dealer dealing in kilos of meth.”

Sumbry added a lot of people get into dealing drugs as an easy way to make easy cash, but it rarely works out the way they plan.

“Those people who have struggled or have been in a bit of a trouble or two they might still be having a little bit of difficult challenges ahead when trying to find employment.”

No matter the reason for getting into making, selling or buying meth, both the sheriff and coroner expressed it is not worth the risk.

Taylor assured that their team is working hard to minimize the meth problem.

If you know of anyone with meth you can send in an anonymous tip here.

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