2018 Columbus murder suspect planning to sue Columbus Police Department

Published: Mar. 29, 2022 at 9:13 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - We have learned new details about a suspect in the 2018 murder of an up-and-coming Columbus rapper.

Throughout the trial, the state’s star witness is tied to a second murder case.

That incident happened a few weeks after the murder of Branden Denson.

Raphael Raymond said the state’s star witness, Eric Spencer, lied. As a result, Raymond said he spent nearly four years behind bars.

Now that he’s free, Raymond said he has plans to sue.

It was another long day in the courtroom as one witness testified for most of the day.

Four co-defendants listened to testimony from the lead detective, Robert Nicholas.

Each suspect faces murder and armed robbery charges in connection to the 2018 murder.

One of those suspects, Spencer, took a plea deal, stating the murder involved counterfeit money and marijuana.

“I didn’t know,” said Spencer on the witness stand. “I didn’t know how much counterfeit money and how much weed was involved in this.”

While the focus was on Denson’s murder, nearly every single day, questions were being asked about another murder authorities said happened weeks after Denson was killed,

74-year-old William Meadows was also killed on Alta Vista Drive.

“Mr. Spencer, the defendant, was a primary suspect in both cases,” said Homicide Detective Stuart Carter with the Columbus Police Department.

However, Raymond, the man charged with the Alta Vista case, said Spencer framed him.

“I lost my house,” said Raymond. “I lost my job, you know what I’m saying? I lost everything.”

In fact, Raymond said he spent four years in jail for a case he claims had nothing to do with him.

Raymond said he was cutting Spencer’s hair the day of the Alta Vista murder, and instead of paying, he asked Spencer to drop him off at his son’s birthday party.

“It went left. I didn’t know what he was doing or who he was meeting up with,” said Raymond.

Raymond said Spencer was the actual shooter.

“I feel like he’s just trying to save himself,” said Raymond. “I feel like, you know, you have to be a man. You have to take responsibility for your own actions.”

While his charges in connection to that murder were dismissed, Raymond said he plans to sue the Columbus Police Department and anyone else involved in the case.

“If they were doing their job like they were supposed to, I feel like I shouldn’t have sat there long,” said Raymond.

Raymond said he accepted a plea deal to get out of jail to see his son.

As of right now, Spencer said he has pending charges in connection to the Alta Vista murder.

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