DETAILS: CPD explains ‘Operation Enough is Enough’

Published: Mar. 29, 2022 at 8:18 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus police officers partnered with the Georgia State Patrol for a weekend crackdown on crime.

This operation led to more than 80 arrests and the seizure of several drugs and guns, also putting five validated gang members behind bars.

Law enforcement agencies are calling this detail ‘Operation Enough is Enough.’ This past weekend, we saw part two. You may remember the first detail happened back in January.

“Something has got to be done,” Columbus native, Mary Lynne Cumiskey said. “I was so thankful to hear about the last sting they made.”

Cumiskey told News Leader 9′s Ashlee Williams that she saw first-hand Operation Enough is Enough this weekend when a helicopter flew over her home in Midtown Columbus.

“It didn’t have a search light,” Cumiskey explained. “I was thinking they were looking for someone, but it just kept on and on, and it went into the next day..”

CPD Deputy Chief Roderick Graham, who is over the gang analysis and investigative unit, gave News Leader 9 some answers. He said GSP’s helicopter was used this weekend for several reasons, including maintaining the direction of a person along with informing officers of dangerous situations.

As far as the five gang members put behind bars this weekend: “It wasn’t necessarily that they were a gang member and we were looking for them as a gang member,” Graham said. “Men and women came across these individuals, and these people may have had outstanding warrants on them, so they were consequently arrested.”

CPD’s gang analysis unit recently teamed with CPD’s criminal analysis unit to work together in collecting data. But there’s a specific process before making arrests: First, a person has to be formally validated as a gang member.

Chief Deputy Graham said he can’t go into detail on what ‘validates’ a person as a gang member, but he told us that there are 10 different criteria that have to be met to be labeled as such.

Graham said with the new collaboration of analysis units within CPD on top of these organized details, things are looking up.

“You can see the numbers in reduction in crime,” he explained. “We can definitely see a reduction already in comparison to last year.”

“It’s just awful,” Cumiskey said. “I know that the police and CPD is doing everything they can, I guess, but it’s just very disturbing when you hear about all of these shootings.”

In comparison to January’s detail, 23 more people were arrested in this weekend’s operation.

News Leader 9′s Ashlee Williams asked Deputy Chief Graham why the numbers across the board were so much higher. He said seasons and the weather play a large role. When there’s nice weather, he said CPD generally sees a spike in violent crime.

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