Panama City Beach mayor shares message for future spring breakers visiting

Published: Mar. 30, 2022 at 7:15 PM EDT
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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WTVM) - After the reports of chaos in Panama City Beach, Florida, last weekend, their mayor wanted to share a message with our viewers.

The news reports gained nationwide attention. Panama City Beach law enforcement responded to the “PCB Takeover” last weekend.

It resulted in 161 arrests and the seizure of 75 illegal guns in the city.

Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon said the issues are now past.

“Panama City Beach is open for business. It’s a beautiful beach. We are a family destination. We did have an event last weekend with some bad characters. That’s all it is, but the event is over. Our beaches are wide open. The sun is out, and we’re ready to have another fabulous weekend here in Panama City Beach,” he explained.

Sheldon added that spring breakers are welcome in the city and aren’t responsible for last weekend’s chaos.

“We have had a phenomenal spring season. We have had great kids come from all over the country come to our beautiful beaches, and that’s not what we had this weekend. These are not folks who are college spring breakers in any shape or form,” said the mayor.

This Friday, the city council called a special meeting to address recently faced issues. The mayor said they want to make the city more efficient in responding to quickly evolving situations like last weekend.

“...we can give the city manager more tools. We are all about making people have the ability to do what they need to do. Right now, the city manager, if this goes through on Friday, what we’re looking at is, he will be able to call an emergency situation on his own. So, if I call an emergency meeting as the mayor of Panama City Beach, it can take up to six hours to work through all the getting people together, the legal team, and the whole nine yards. With the tools in place that we’re looking to do, the city manager can do it in six minutes,” explained Sheldon.

Sheldon had a message for any potential bad actors in his community, saying, “If you want to come down here and be a bad person, you’re gonna go to jail.”

The mayor added judges would set maximum bonds for offenses like the city saw last week, and they are also working with the state attorney to make sure that sentences for the crimes are not lenient.

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