Stacey Jackson’s journey to becoming new Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit DA

Stacey Jackson’s journey to becoming new Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit DA
Stacey Jackson’s journey to becoming new Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit DA
Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 9:18 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A new district attorney will soon be taking over. He’s set to fill the seat once occupied by Mark Jones. That person is prominent Defense Attorney Stacey Jackson, known for trying many high-profile cases.

Before Jackson is sworn in, he’ll be closing out any pending cases. News Leader 9 spoke with Judge Gil McBride, who said he’s happy to have the vacant seat filled finally.

When former Columbus District Attorney Mark Jones was suspended, Sheneka Terry took over. But Judge Gil McBride said there are certain things Terry cannot do.

“Such as go ahead, and staff out the office set down policies for how different types of cases going to be handled,” said Judge McBride.

But the wait is over. Governor Kemp has officially appointed prominent defense attorney Stacey Jackson as the circuit’s new DA.

“I feel honored that the governor, you know, they’ve chosen me to take over the role as this returning for this Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit,” said Jackson.

Jackson grew up in Harris County and graduated from Albany State College.

He served as Assistant District Attorney for eight years before going into private practice. He’s known to many as a powerhouse, trying many high-profile cases. His most recent murder case resulted in a not-guilty verdict for four defendants.

“He’s also run a successful private law practice, and Stacy really brings that diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, and I think this sort of position requires,” said McBride.

He said any remaining cases in his office will be closed.

“Those cases that are left, I’ll get with those clients, and then we’ll make a transition and transition those cases to other attorneys in the area,” said Jackson.

With a growing backlog of court cases, Jackson said that will be the first issue he plans to address.

“There’s an issue that Sheriff Countryman has with the number of inmates that’s the growing population in his county jail because of those cases that can’t be moved or weren’t moved in a timely fashion,” said Jackson.

Jackson has not received a swearing-in date or a location from the Governor’s Office.

News Leader 9′s Ahniaelyah Spraggs also reached out to Acting District Attorney Sheneka Terry but has not received a response yet. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


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