EXCLUSIVE: Columbus businessman and wreck victim thanks the community for support

Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 8:03 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - On March 10th, the lives of two Columbus men and their families turned upside down. This, following a car wreck on Veterans Parkway.

In a News Leader 9 exclusive, our Ashlee Williams talked with a restaurant owner involved in the terrible crash who has also brought the community together in new ways.

Thursday was the first day Cerrone’s Pizza owner, Leo DiCesaris stepped foot into his business since the car wreck. He’s been recovering following several injuries, but but he said it feels good to finally be back.

“I’m just really grateful that we’re both still alive and doing well,” DiCesaris said.

Just over one month ago, a car wreck on Veterans Parkway occured as Columbus native, Leo DiCesaris, was attempting to pull into his business Cerrone’s Brick Oven Pizzeria.

“One afternoon, routine... and just never made it here due to a vehicular accident,” he told News Leader 9. “It was pretty tragic.”

DiCesaris spent one month in a hospital and rehabilitation facility, recovering from several broken ribs, a shattered femur and a hole in his lung.. He explained through his physical pain, the way the Chattahoochee Valley community came together in prayer and support triumphs all odds, even forming a bond with the driver of the other car, Columbus native Kyle Carter.

“We have a lot of mutual friends that I found out via Facebook,” DiCesaris said. “When I finally got well enough to even get on the phone again, I saw so many of my friends were like ‘Pray for Kyle. Pray for Leo.’ And I was like ‘Oh, apparently there’s a huge network.’”

DiCesaris attributes much of his recovery to the community and several churches rising up for one purpose: healing and life.

“It was just incredible, and it was from every church, not just my home church, and so many people reaching out. Really as traumatizing as an event this is, there’s been so much edifying through so many avenues that has really kept me strong and encouraged. I have some great workers.”

News leader 9 talked with the other victim in this car wreck, Kyle Carter, who told us he is still recovering and ‘Thankful for everyone’s prayers, and our God is amazing.’”

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