DETAILS: Kadie the Cow moving to Uptown logistics & funding

Published: Apr. 18, 2022 at 5:55 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - We’re learning more details on the future of a Columbus icon.

Last week we told you that Kadie the Cow will be moved to a new location. That sparked plenty of questions from viewers, ranging from costs to plans to protect Kadie from vandalism.

If you live in Columbus, chances are you’ve passed Kadie the Cow at some point. She sits atop a hill in front of the Old Best Buy overlooking Manchester Expressway. Following last week’s city council meeting, the landmark will now be homed in Uptown Columbus.

“She’s a historic marker for the City of Columbus, but she’s not being well taken care of,” Columbus native and Kadie supporter, Michael Porter, told News Leader 9′s Ashlee Williams.

Kadie has remained in her original location here on the grounds of the former Kinnett Dairy for more than fifty years. If logistics play out, Kadie will sit off of Front Avenue near the Uptown playground on city-owned land.

Uptown President Ed Wolverton tells me the plans are in place, and his team is preparing for the nearly 1000 pound move.

“We’re working with our contractor who will build her new footings and then transporting her into the Uptown District,” Wolverton explained. “Then, we will be charged with working with a fiber glass and paint group to fix her up and be pretty again.”

Wolverton said he doesn’t have any plans to change Kadie’s appearance.

Uptown Inc. has already raised the estimated 32-thousand dollars that the moving process will cost, including 8 grand for maintenance, expected to last ten years.

Porter helped spearhead support to invest in Kadie back in 2019 on social media. He said he understands why some people don’t want her to leave her original location, mostly because of nostalgia.

“You can’t enjoy her up here. You have to go out of your way to come over here,” Porter told us. “As long as she stays in Columbus, it’s a good thing.”

We talked with Bob Kinnett of Kinnett Dairy who said his family wants Kadie’s legacy to preserved and is overwhelmed by the impact the landmark has had on so many Columbus families.

“The Kinnett and Adams families are really excited by this, and we think this is the best place for her long-term,” Kinnett explained. “An icon of Columbus being right where the main feature of Columbus, our great Riverfront, is going to enable Kadie to be well taken care of. For the children of Columbus families and visitors of Columbus to enjoy her for years to come.”

Uptown Columbus leaders hope to have Kadie in place in her new home by September.

The search is still on for her calf who was stolen years ago, Bebe. Uptown told us they do not plan to involve law enforcement if she is returned.

As far as vandelism, Wolverton said cameras are an option, but the district’s art and sculptures always have eyes watching and protecting them.

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