RUN THE RACE: Pentecostal Pastor in Columbus Discusses What Comes After Easter and Church Changes

Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 3:42 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Easter is like the “Super Bowl” for churches, with the most attendance, but what happens after the holiday for churchgoers and others? A lead Pastor in West Georgia is talking about that and other biblical wisdom, controversial issues on our “Run The Race” podcast.

Pentecostal Pastor Paul Thomas, of Evangel Church in Columbus, says the focus is on excellence in services every week, not just Easter. He says it’s all about connections, especially after the holiday, sometimes including food.

This pastor also says restoration is a vital post-Easter message, with the story of Peter from John 21, showing how we all fall short.

On the podcast, Thomas tells the story of being saved at 8 years old, but straying from the Lord, eventually becoming a small business owner - building fences. He talks about learning true integrity from his boss (and father-in-law) when Paul came to work hung over.

This now-pastor also talks about how faith applies to our everyday lives and jobs, the importance of being authentic. As for his job, he describes how and why he started doing business work for a church then becoming a lead pastor, crying and overwhelmed in his first day on that job.

What did churches learn from the coronavirus pandemic? He talks about small groups, isolation, reaching out to the lost including those hurt by church.

Nearly 35 years into his marriage, Pastor Paul breaks down the order of priorities to successfully balance family and work and ministry.

And he didn’t grow up in a Pentecostal church, but Pastor Paul breaks down the truth and misconceptions of Speaking in Tongues, how the Assemblies of God got started, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit that anyone can experience, like he did alone in his kitchen.

“We don’t seek gifts, we seek Jesus,” Thomas told us.

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