Meet the candidates: Columbus City Council District 7

Updated: May. 6, 2022 at 7:00 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - After 28 years, Columbus City Council’s Mimi Woodson will retire from representing the 7th district.

That’s part of Columbus business owner Joanne Cogle’s motivation to run for the seat.

“She’s leaving some really big shoes to fill. I think Columbus needs a fresh new perspective, a younger perspective. "

Cogle along with Sia Etemadi, Laketha Ashe and Juanita Taylor are all hoping to lead what they all call a diverse district 7.

Local business owner Laketha Ashe grew up in the district. She owns multiple businesses in the district. She says she’s ready to continue Woodson’s legacy.

“I’m passionate about this and I think the people need someone with this passion just to continue her works alone,” said Ashe.

“There’s a great need in district 7 for the people to be represented,” said District 7 candidate Juanita Taylor.

Taylor who is retired says her 30 years plus of experience in home health makes her a qualified candidate to represent the area in which she raised her family.

She said police business is at the top of her list.

“There’s a need for assessment of law enforcement,” said Taylor.

Columbus architect Sia Etemadi said his love for his community along with established relationships can help him improve the district.

Etemadi moved to Columbus from Iran when he just 19 years old. He earned degrees at both Columbus College and Auburn University.

He says he’s been vested in his community ever since.

“I feel passionate about the district, I feel like we can do more,” said Etemadi.

All 4 candidates said crime is the district’s biggest issue. They told News Leader 9 with a new perspective and ideas, there can be change.

“I’m willing to go to bat for all corners of my district – north, south, east, west,” said Cogle. “I think that making sure everyone is included is important and has equal opportunities.”

“Economic development, infrastructure, just the littles things, “said Ashe. ”So, I want to get that point across that I’m here to listen to those concerns.”

“In order to serve you must have love, care and compassion for people,” said Taylor.

“I have enough time on my hands to where I can go to people and see what they need and find the answer and if I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it,” said Etemadi.

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