Georgia Senate District 29 ballot preview

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 1:11 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The Georgia State Senate seat currently held by Republican Senator Randy Robertson has two challengers from the Democrat side who are on the primary ballot.

Frederick Manley and Ellen Wright are working to secure the Democrat nomination for District 29 - trying to eventually flip the Republican seat.

Voters got a chance to hear from both at the LaGrange Daily News - LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce Forum.

Looking at the issues, first is the new constitutional carry law in Georgia.

“Undoubtedly, people will try to solve their arguments with the use of weapons and they will claim it’s their constitutional right” said Ellen Wright, candidate. “I worry about what’s going to happen to both the citizens and the law officers.”

“I wish that it did not change,” said Frederick Manley, candidate.

Manley lost a son to gun violence recently and while he didn’t elaborate on that during the forum, he did recently in an interview with WTVM News Leader 9. It’s a deeply personal issue for the candidate.

“Am I hurt by us allowing people to have guns without the background check? Yes that’s concerning to me,” he said.

The candidates were asked about filling major gaps in trade jobs.

“Go to the high schools. That’s the main thing right there,” said Wright.

“Schools, in collaborations with the corporations and companies, have to come up with a plan that interests kids,” said Manley.

“I have to vote for what my citizens want. I’m there for them and not myself,” Manley said on the topic of legalized gambling.

“A lot depends on how the people of this area would view the situation,” Wright said on the topic. “People are already gambling when they go to a grocery store or buy gas, they see the lotto numbers.”

Both candidates believe they would be best suited to try and flip the seat in November.

“I think I would be a somber and dedicated, hard working senator,” Wright said.

“We have politicians running amok, and it’s up to us to bring these politicians back into line,” Manley said.

WTVM News Leader 9 reached out to Ellen Wright for a one-on-one interview, but never heard from the candidate prior to the forum.

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